FOX NEWS: Report: Obama Campaign Collecting More Donations From False ZIP Codes

October 22, 2012

On America Live this afternoon, Trace Gallagher reported on the stark difference between the Obama and Romney campaigns when it comes to collecting contributions with no zip code, or a false one, listed for the donor.

According to the Government Accountability Institute, a conservative group, the Obama campaign has collected more than $4.5 million, while the Romney campaign has brought in less than $300,000 in similar donations.

The Obama campaign, however, fiercely disputes the report, calling it partisan and misleading.

In a statement to Fox News, the Obama campaign said, “The data they are using to make their case is not correct or they are making incorrect assumptions about what it means.”

The report does not specifically say that any of the money came from foreign sources, which would be a violation of federal electoral law.

Watch the Fox News video report here.